Making Intimate Apparel in Blizzards

2019-06-26T07:42:14+00:00By |

For those outside of Greater Boston, that title is not a typo. There is an “s” on the “B” word. Getting supplies, fitting actors and loading in “Intimate Apparel” at the Lyric Stage this month has been a challenge to say the least.
What has not been a challenge has been the “escape” to my sewing machine. Like the title character in “Intimate Apparel”, Esther, my old sewing machine has kept me company through many a dreary day. And for this show escaping to corsets and lace trimmed camisoles and silk robes has kept me sane.
Early on in my costume design process for this show, I decided I wanted to make some, but not all, of the corsets. I made two and they took me nearly two weeks. (A wise decision not to tackle them all. The other three were made by the super-talented Isabella Bray in sunny Cali.)
The publicity crew at the Lyric Stage made a video of me talking about corsetry. I thought you might like it. And that it might provide you a little escape from the winter of 2015!