Last year, my friend Eneida and I taught sewing at Rosie’s Place in Boston. We had a student from Africa who LOVED to sew. She made my heart happy every week with her creations. She would always begin class with a big hug and greeting of “Hi Amanda.” But when she was deep in a sewing project, she would always say “Teacher, can you help me?” Somehow, I was “Amanda” her friend but “Teacher” when she needed to figure something out. I felt honored to hold both titles, but I’m not gonna lie, I loved when she called me Teacher. And I’m not sure I can 100% articulate why.

Teaching is not always easy and it can test one’s patience. But it is also so inspiring. Teaching sewing makes me want to sew more! It makes me want to create more and learn more so that I can share more. While I love the title “Teacher” I am a “Student” too. And while I’d love to be “Expert” I think I need to own the fact that I will always be “Student”! There’s just too much to master in this world of fiber arts! But what I’ve learned, I’ve loved to share and what I’ve realized is that in the sharing, I have learned more.

I have learned that: Even the most planned out lesson plans, never go as planned.
Stitch-rippers fix almost every sewing problem.
Pretzel nuggets don’t stain fabrics.
Consistently dropping the presser foot is one of the hardest sewing skills to master.
Students have boundless creativity.
No two projects are ever the same… even if they are the same… with the same pattern!
I hate taking up lined sleeves.
I love sewing on cotton, mainly because I hardly ever do with costumes! And when I do it always seems so lovely and civilized. Take that, pleather!

I could go on, I’ve learned a lot and there’s still more to learn. And for sure more important stuff than my silly list above. So I’ll keep on teaching AND taking classes. And I’ll keep sewing AND creating. If you’re in the Greater Boston area this winter, look for my classes at Pinecones and Needles in Belmont and through Concord/Carlisle Community Education.