This fall, I started working full time with kids at an elementary school in Lowell. It is my new, big adventure! One of the joys of the job was getting to start an afterschool costume club. Although I only had three sign ups, I was immensely proud of their work! They organized the racks for all 40+ kids; they created design boards; and they learned about wigs; among lots of other things.  It was great to be working on a show again and even greater to share that with kids! Even with their masks, their expressions radiated through. Kids are resilient. I learn that every day working with them. Big thanks to my friends at the Lyric Stage Company of Boston and Beaver Country Day School in Newton for loaning me so many great costume pieces.

This winter, I even had a teeny bit of wardrobe work, which was so much fun–a big fitting for an artist planning a nation-wide music tour. It was like playing dress up with a pile of the coolest clothes and shoes you’ve ever seen! Reminded me how much I miss working on costumes backstage for touring productions. But it was a step in the right direction… especially with all those fabulous shoes… pun intended.

Another sure sign that life might be returning to how I remember it before… last week, I got s script to read for a play. It’s a new work, but with some historical characters which, if you know me, you know I love to costume. It is exciting to take a deep dive in to the world of a new production and these wonderful characters from Boston’s history.

In fact, a few weeks ago, a friend invited me to UMass Lowell to give a talk on just that topic–Costuming Historical Characters. Here’s a write up about the talk.  It was fun and an engaged audience. It was also great to have a reason to look back at shows I’ve worked on and loved.


Another Evening Sewing Class

For those who missed my fall sewing class, I’ll be teaching another class through Concord-Carlisle Community Education. The 6-week course starts in March and will be held on Thursday evenings. Here’s a link to the course description.  We’ll be making pretty spring tops and I can’t wait… I am so sick of all my winter clothes; I can’t be alone in this feeling, am I???!!! Anyway, it will be fun to dream and create fashions for warmer weather. Join me!!!