I have to admit I am one of those people who are happiest when they are busy. It’s why I like Fall–I have my routine and my activities planned. (Plus cute sweaters and wool skirts just make me happy in general!)
But I also realized, after teaching sewing for the month of August, that back-to-school is also reconnecting and inspiring. I really enjoyed teaching. It made me want to sew more and I couldn’t wait to see what my students (creative 5-50+ year-olds, but mostly kids!) would create–A. made her mom a skirt; P. made herself one and her favorite doll one too; and C. & S. made me laugh with their mustache-inspired creations and super-fashionable bags.
Daily, while teaching, I thought about my first creations–the lime green apron I made my mom in Home Ec.; the triple pleated, high-waisted pants I made for myself in a class in the 80s; and the first costumes I ever made and saw on stage–tuxedo jackets for a production of “Follies.” Teaching reminded me of how frustrating and exciting making something of your own can be. And it reminded me daily how much more there is for me to learn.
So I too am back-to-school this Fall. I am enrolled in a Tailoring course at MassArt. While I do a lot of tailoring alterations and have made a jacket or two over the 10+ years that I have been in this crazy business, I thought honing my patternmaking and tailoring skills would be a good idea. I also decided to sew for myself which I almost never get to do these days. I’m making a wool jacket and skirt… well right now I’m making patterns for these future creations.
For work I am back-to-school too! I am at the Belmont Hill School designing the costumes for their fall production of Diary of Anne Frank.
Work and homework await me… better get busy! :)